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Tender Touch Pet Boutique of Lake Wales, FL has more than 15 years of combined grooming experience. Our friendly staff is committed to making your pet’s visit enjoyable and convenient. From the moment you walk in, you and your pet will be greeted by a friendly smile along with specialized attention.

At Tender Touch Pet Boutique, your pet will receive gentle and attentive treatment, the kind of quality, fashion-minded grooming you expect and that your pet deserves.

Pet Care - Lake Wales, FL - Tender Touch Pet Boutique

Full grooming package

We know every dog is special and unique. We take EXTRA time with each animal to ensure they are well cared for while at the Salon. Different breeds take specific amounts of time to properly hand dry and groom. Please feel free to ask for a time estimate when bringing your pet to the Salon. To ensure you are able to have the time you prefer, we recommend booking your appointment at least a week or two in advance. It is also important to PRE-BOOK your next appointment. It is a good idea to book your follow-up appointment while in the salon.

  • Brush out
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw-dicure
  • Trimming of sanitary area
  • Massaging bath
  • Finishing

Cleansing bath

This is a great way to freshen up your pet without the expense of a full groom. The Cleansing Bath includes:

  • Brush Out
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Paw-Dicure
  • Massaging Bath

Add-on service can be added if you so choose. Appointments for Cleansing Baths are typically much easier to book and obviously cost less than a Full Groom. Prices vary on breed and coat.



Shed out package – This is a HUGE customer favorite. A great way to eliminate all the unsightly hair all over your house! If you are experiencing shedding of coat all over the house and car, a "shave down" is not always the best option. You may wish to consider a professional SHED OUT. This removes the undercoat as well as topcoat the dog is in the process of blowing. Remember that a dog does not perspire through their skin as humans do, they pant. If you have a coated breed, it has a coat for a reason, and removing the coat can cause serious long-term health issues. The price for this service is nominal and varies based on the size of your pet. This service is done in conjunction with a Cleaning Bath or Full Grooming Package. This is actually a COMBINATION of De-Shed Formulated Shampoo (also available for purchase and at home use) along with special drying and brushing process. Prices range from $10.00 to $30.00 extra.

Nail trimming – Proper nail trims are crucial to the overall hygiene as well as look and comfort of your pet. Price is $10.00. This is a walk-in service. No appointment necessary.

Flea treatment – Please alert us at the time of booking appointment that your pet might have fleas or ticks. We can inspect your pet when they arrive and bath them as needed for no additional charge. If your pet has an excessive amount of fleas or ticks found they will be given a flea/tick dip for an additional charge starting at $5.00 and up according to size and coat of your pet.

Puppy's first bath – This is so important. A healthy and fun experience the first time at the groomer is essential in the long term care and grooming of your pet. We welcome your puppy at the age of eight or more weeks. Please indicate this special service to the receptionist when booking your appointment. There is no additional charge typically for this service, but we do like to allow extra time to ensure that they have a fun and positive first experience at the groomer.


Prices are calculated with a number of factors. Coat texture, size of pet, condition of skin and desired trim. Quoted prices are also based on routine and regular salon grooming visits averaging from every four to eight weeks, depending on the breed and your pet being "mat-free". Obviously, over-grown dogs will take additional time and are subject to additional charges. The best way to avoid additional charges is to schedule regular grooms and coat maintenance visits for professional baths and brush out.

From time to time your pet may develop tangles or knots throughout the coat. Once the hair gets tangled it will only continue to worsen, eventually pulling tightly on the pet's skin. This can become very uncomfortable.De-matting requires an extra amount of time in addition to the haircut. If matting is severe, de-matting is usually not an option because it can be an unpleasant experience for your pet. In this case the coat must be shaved close enough to reach underneath the mats.Our de-matting charges are based on the extra amount of time spent de-matting your pet.If the mats are small we usually do not charge, however, we will have to see your pet to determine the severity of the matting and will give a price estimate at that time.Average de-matting charges are $10-$20 extra.


Please be honest…if you know that your little four legged child misbehaves at the groomer, it is important to share that with us up front. Overweight large dogs, senior dogs or others with physical challenges might be a candidate for SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANCE. As previously stated, the care and well being of your animal is very important to us. From time to time it takes two groomers to safely and effectively groom some dogs. Obviously there will be an up-charge. Knowing this up front allows us to appropriately book the appointment with two groomers. We do reserve the right to refuse service to a pet that is unmanageable and thus a potential risk to either the pet or a groomer.

We have a low stress environment for you and your pet, so a visit to the grooming salon is just an appointment to get pretty. For your pet, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Contact Tender Touch Pet Boutique today at 863-676-7279 to schedule your appointment.

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Pet Care - Lake Wales, FL - Tender Touch Pet Boutique
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